“As I walk down this hard and happy road I realize that we, as a world, are breaking the shackles of silence and shadows.  There have been people yelling for decades that society is broken and now the world is beginning to listen.

I am in awe when these people fight the systems that have suppressed, oppressed, assaulted, and abused us.  

The most immediate radical act we can do is to remove society’s toxic tendrils from our soul: to love ourselves and to generously participate in acts of self love and self care.  

I am inspired when I see other femme folx who are living their own truth, who love themselves and their bodies so completely.  I am continually inspired by those who dare to bare their souls loudly and brightly when society demands compliance and whispers.

So now: here I am, reveling in myself and the body that is so much closer to what I’ve always dreamed and maybe, I can also live my truth, love myself, and be my own inspiration.“

“I’m most proud of breaking away from the life script that I grew up with. Many of the life choices I’ve made required me to seriously question assumptions that had come with me on autopilot, or welcome long periods of discomfort or isolation. It’s still a work in progress, and will always be. But my life is richer for it, and full of more diverse people, knowledge and experiences. I think it’s important to be intentional about the choices we make, when it’s so easy to follow whatever the path of least resistance is to us.”