Artist’s Statement

Sexuality, we are told, is a weapon to be wielded and directed; it is to be used for self-protection, as a tool for negotiation. We are told to keep our sexuality hidden, to reveal it only when necessary. Visibility reduces its power, depletes our ammunition.

This narrative is wrong.

Our sexuality is a language. It is a form of self expression. It is a tool of empowerment. In a way, it is our truest, most-authentic self. And that self should not be kept a secret.

This project aims to document, through the art of boudoir portraiture, the sexual journey of ordinary people, of all genders, sexual orientations, and body types. Each shoot is a snapshot of the sensuality of my subjects – it is their expression, and theirs alone. These models are retail employees, IT professionals, sex workers. They are None Of Your Business. This project, it’s not for you.

And by engaging with this project, you are not consuming this art, you are participating in their journey.